Level-up your home training with the
most creative grip system for rock climbers!

Swap, rotate and combine holds to create challenging new grip positions

Whether you want to replicate a little piece of the outdoors or just mix things up to fight the boredom at home.

The Setboard lets you build, explore and refine your own training patterns helping you focus on your weaknesses or set your own new challenges.  

Taking inspiration from the outdoors…

Holds rotate tesselate and combine to create unique features

Flat edges, sloped edges, compound slopers, compound pinches, side-pulls & gastons. The Setboard lets you experiment with grip positions and tailor a hold to your own need.

Dual angle and dual texture holds to reduce or improve difficulty

The Setboard launch kit has 0, 15, 40 and 50 degree sloping edges with a huge variety of hold combinations to play with. Once launched we will be adding lots more interesting hold combinations to expand the system! 

A powerful addition to your existing hang board!

Simple, modular and expandable

Versatile, expandable and designed to work with anything. 

The Setboard is especially useful when combined with your existing hang board, opening up a whole range of asymmetric training opportunities.

Arranged in pairs, quads, rows or clusters its the most adaptable and engaging way to quickly upgrade your home training setup. 

Made in the UK using FSC certified Poplar & Birch Ply. 

The Setboard is designed and manufactured locally in the UK. We’re aiming to consciously use European sourced timber wherever possible to try and keep transport mileage and our contribution to global emissions to a minimum. 

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